In an effort to enhance the treatment of wastewater effluent being discharged into the Boise River, the City of Caldwell has awarded Xylem a $1.9 million contract provide advanced technology. The advanced water filtration system will remove suspended solids and ensure that the facility can meet stricter regulations.

Xylem's solution will include Leopold Type S underdrains with I.M.S 1000 media retainers, backwash water troughs and engineered filter media including sand and anthracite. While construction is slated to begin in Q4 2016, a 12 week pilot for the project has commenced. During this time Xylem's team is working close with the City and Bowen Collins to test four different media configurations and finalize the filtration system's design. 

Both sides have stressed the importance of advancing this system as Brent Orton, Public Works Director, City of Caldwell said,"We are working to ensure that the local community and downstream users can enjoycleaner and better quality waters, as efficiently as possible. The Boise River is protected for cold water aquatic life including salmon spawning and it is a big attraction for recreation. Xylem’s filtration system will help to remove fine particulate matter and improve the quality of water that is discharged back into the river, which is one of our community’s and state’s most valued natural resources."

The upgrades to the system are expected be operational by Q4 2017, and are expected to handle an average daily flow of 8.5 million gallons per day (MGD) with a peak daily flow of 16 MGD.