HDPE pipe

The company offers high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for a range of applications, including municipal, marine, landfill, and duct. The pipe resists corrosion and chemicals, performs well in rugged terrains and extreme climates, and because of its flexibility is well suited for dynamic soils. Plastics Pipe Institute data indicates a design life of 100 years. Total Petrochemicals USA. www.totalpetrochemicalsusa.com.

Joint restraints

Cam-Lock joint restraints for water pipe lines are designed with fewer wedges in many restraint sizes, resulting in lower bolt torque, less point loading, and reduced pipe fatigue. Plus, users don't have to remove washers or modify fittings for IPS pipe size. The joint restraints are UL listed and FM approved. For easier field installations, Bell-Lock joint restraints offer single wrench assembly and bidirectional serrations. All are color coded for easy identification. Smith-Blair Inc. www.smith-blair.com.

Liner pipe

With direct-bury strength of 46 psi, the A2 Liner Pipe doesn't depend on the host pipe to maintain long-term structural performance; and its double-wall design provides extra stiffness for better shape control during installation and grouting. Available in standard 12- to 36-in. diameters and 10-to 20-ft. lengths, custom lengths as short as 2-½ ft. are available. CONTECH Construction Products Inc. www.contech-cpi.com.

Casing spacers

Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and polyethylene with four types—pull-on, wraparound, zipper, and molded—of end seals, these spacers provide protection from electrical shorting when centering water and sewer pipes within casings. They're virtually corrosion-proof and require no grease, special tools, or backfill, making installation a one-person job. Also available are field-adjustable runners for metal casing spacers for easy grade and elevation adjustment of gravity sewer lines. Advance Products & Systems. www.apsonline.com.

Sewer nozzles

The Jaws' patented design gives each jet its own conduit, which tightens the jet pattern and sends the water stream farther down the pipe for more powerful cleaning. The nozzle is effective in 8- to 24-inch-diameter pipe. NozzTeq Inc. www.nozzteq.com.

Expansion repair couplings

The Pro-Span's drastically reduced body diameter accommodates side-by-side PVC pipe repairs. The body of the repair coupling can now be used as a handle when gluing both ends to the broken pipe; its Easy-Grip edges ensure a firm grip, even with wet or muddy hands; True-Cut technology automatically positions piston seals in the body to eliminate joint-separation stress; and a dual seal protects the repair from future leaks. NDS Inc. www.ndspro.com.

Water quality unit

By incorporating weir and dividing plates into larger diameter corrugated HDPE pipes, the Counter Flow Technology water quality unit treats the “first flush” of storm events to meet NPDES regulations. It intercepts and treats stormwater by redirecting and lengthening the flow travel path to achieve slower velocities and increased settling times. A final chamber removes hydrocarbons and floatable debris before reintroducing the treated flow into the storm drainage system. Lane Enterprises. www.lane-enterprises.com.

Repair pipe without glue

This welding kit includes everything you need to repair SCH 40 and 80 PVC piping systems: a programmable hot air tool with adjustable heat and airflow, a pipe-welding nozzle, and a 2-lb. supply of PVC, PE, or PP welding rod. The kit is also available with nozzles for repairing liners, tanks, and other products. Malcom Co. Inc. www.malcomcompany.com.

Adhesive sealant

When cured, MS Polymer-based Bull Seal forms a high-strength seal even when applied under water. With high initial tack strength, the all-in-one product caulks, seals, and bonds, making it ideal for caulking around pipes, repairing underwater leaks, plumbing, and all fastening applications. TVM Building Products. www.bullseal.com.

Jacking frame

The 4812A Guided Boring Machine (GBM) jacks pipe lengths up to 6.6 ft. with a maximum outside diameter of 48 in. Suitable for installing steel casing, vitrified clay, fiberglass-reinforced, and concrete pipe, it's capable of up to 200 tons of jacking force, 100 tons pull-back force, and 20,000 ft.-lbs. torque. Although designed for a 275-hp remote hydraulic power pack, it can also operate with a 100-hp pack. Akkerman Inc. www.akkerman.com.

Concrete cylinder pipe

B-303 bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe combines the strength of steel (the cylinder with joint rings) with the corrosion resistance of concrete (the lining). Available in sizes from 10 to 72 in., the pipe is ideal for transmissions mains, distribution feeder mains, treatment plants, intake and discharge lines, and plant piping. Hanson Pressure Pipe, formerly Hanson Pipe & Precast. www.hansonpipeandprecast.com.

Reinforced concrete pipe

The company provides reinforced concrete pipe for pipe-jacking projects involving 84-in.-diameter pipe and microtunneling projects involving inside-pipe diameters from 21 to 54 in. Pipe products include storm sewer pipe, sanitary sewer pipe, PVC-lined corrosion-resistant pipe, and culvert pipe. Other products include reinforced concrete end walls, manholes, catch basins, box culverts, box manholes, and custom structures. American Concrete Pipe Co. www.americanconcretepipe.com.

Clay sewer pipe

Clay pipe is inert, making it less vulnerable than other material to chemicals, and 5 billion linear feet of it is in use nationwide. Because of improved manufacturing techniques that produce straighter and more uniform product, the company expects its pipes to last more than a century. An O-ring compression joint system ensures a self-centering, tight fit that eliminates infiltration by roots, groundwater, and foreign materials. The pipe is well suited for gravity-fed sewers. Logan Clay Products Co. www.loganclaypipe.com.

Polymer cement coating

Cem-Kote FLEX CR provides waterproofing and protection against sulphuric acid formed in sewers, lift pumping stations, and wastewater treatment facilities. Nontoxic and solvent-free, the coating forms a seamless elastic membrane that also resists penetration of carbon dioxide, chlorides, and other chemicals. It can be applied by spray, brush, roller, or trowel. Gemite Products Inc. www.gemite.com.

Centrifugally cast pipe

Centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe is inherently corrosion-resistant and can last 100 years or longer. Pressure and gravity pipes are available in 18- to 110-in. diameters, plus as tee-base manholes, elbows, and other specialty items to fit. Leak-free, push-together joints reduce installation time and costs. The pipe is suitable for slip lining, jacking, microtunneling, and other trenchless installation methods for new construction and rehab. HOBAS Pipe USA. www.hobaspipe.com.

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