Dry-priming pump

The heavy-duty, 4-inch electric-driven 4JSVC model provides large solids-handling capabilities. With ideal flows of 1,175 gallons per minute and high heads to 150 feet, it is designed for bypass and construction dewatering applications. Thompson Pump & Manufacturing. www.thompsonpump.com. Booth 2417..

Versatile submersible pump

The Godwin 4-inch Heidra 103 hydraulic submersible pump is a compact, self-contained pumping unit featuring a diesel driven power pack and a 4-inch submersible hydraulic top discharge pump. With variable speed diesel engine power, the Heidra 103 pump can meet a variety of flow and head requirements with flows to 1,000 gpm, heads to 170 feet and solids handling to 3 inches in diameter. Godwin Pumps. www.godwinpumps.com . Booth 4802.

Options for UV disinfection

The OpenLine range of open-channel UV treatment systems for the secondary wastewater market and a new range of USEPA validated closed vessels-known as the AF-3 Series-employ a new type of low pressure high output (LPHO) amalgam lamp. The largest high-efficiency LPHO amalgam lamp in the series has a maximum output of 500W, one of the largest ever deployed in a UV system. Aquionics. www.aquionics.com. Booth 3821.

Valves handle higher pressures

The new Type 56D and 75D 16" - 24" butterfly valves operate at 110 PSI at 70° F. They are made of molded plastic, wafer-style ANSI B16.5 PDCPD bodies with Polypropylene or PVDF discs that improve flow characteristics. The molded body stops prevent over-tightening of mating flanges. They feature non-wetted PDCPD and stainless steel stems and are available in both EPDM and FKM seal versions. Asahi/America, Inc. www.asahi-america.com. Booth 2264.

Reliable continuous level measurement

The OPTISOUND VU3X Series (which includes the VU30 and VU31) is easy to install and configure and meets specific level or open channel flow measurement needs. The series provides a repeatable and accurate (0.15%) continuous level measurement of liquids and is capable of liquid level measurement to ranges up to 30 ft., with a 2-wire 4-20mA, HART output signal. Krohne, Inc. www.krohne.com/northamerica . Booth 4121.

Reduced treatment system footprint

The MegaMagnum reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems use the world's highest area spiral-wound membrane elements to reduce the complexity, footprint, and installation time of municipal and industrial water treatment systems. Each MegaMagnum element contains the equivalent membrane area as seven standard 8-inch elements, allowing for an 80% reduction in the required number of interconnectors and O-rings. Four configurations with nominal flow capacities range from 0.5 to 2.0 million gallons per day. Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. www.kochmembrane.com. Booth 4955.

Break-proof membrane

Increased permeability of the new Multibore membrane allows flow rate to increase by almost one-third while maintaining the same high rate of virus and bacteria retention. The membrane provides retention levels for MS2 phages even greater than log 4, equivalent to a retention rate of more than 99.99%. Inge Watertechnologies AG. www.inge.ag. Booth 2451.