Do-it-all water harvester

Storm Capture Reuse System is an environmentally sound way to retain, filter, and supply stormwater. It integrates recycled materials, is manufactured locally, and is a major contributor to LEED certification. A 10x10-ft. room is needed for the package, which includes primary stormwater filtration and storage, sterilization and stabilization, and final filtration and pressurization. Oldcastle Precast.


Ball detects leaks, air pockets

The SmartBall's 2.5-in.-diameter core houses the system's sensor, tracking equipment, circuitry, and batteries. When dropped into a pipeline, the ball's foam shell fills with water and flows through the pipes, acoustically detecting air pockets and leaks along the way. A chip inside the ball records the pipe's information and is read by a machine aboveground as the ball travels through the pipe. Pure Technologies Ltd.

Uninterrupted pump operation

The CD500M cast-iron pump provides uninterrupted operation even in dry suction conditions. It is designed for general pumping of solids up to 4 in. in diameter and the pump can run indefinitely without the risk of overheating or failure. Godwin Pumps.

Low-pressure, high-output UV disinfection

The C3500D uses calibrated UV sensors and parallel flow rate to help decrease operating costs and provide longer lamp life. The system mixes water across three sets of Delta-shaped wings, which minimizes the head loss and treats the water with a high UV dose to effectively treat the water. Calgon

Pump features premium-efficiency motors

IE3 motors coupled with optimized hydraulics in the ABS EffeX submersible sewage pumps boast reduced energy consumption and blockage-resistant free solids passage of at least 75 mm. The specifications for the pumps also meet forthcoming legislation regarding higher motor efficiency for submersible pumping. ABS

Easy-open, easy-close valve

The Insta-Valve Plus valve has been redesigned to open and close at three turns per inch. The feature is now standard in the 4- to 12-in. Insta-Valve Plus (16 in. and sizes less than 4 in. available upon request). The valve offers an economical solution to system shutdown and reduces the investment cities make in system expansion, maintenance, and repair. ADS

Low head loss for grit remover

Eutek HeadCell can now remove grit as small as 50 microns with minimal head loss. The design of the remover makes it easily fit into existing grit chambers or equalization basins with minimal adjustments. The grit remover can also be installed in a poured-in-place concrete basin. Hydro International.

Flexible, easy-to-use control panels

Serving lift stations for single-, double-, or triple-pump systems, these control panels can be used in managing operations as simple as alarming and reporting or as complex as operating in SCADA environments. The pre-engineered submersible lift stations are for wastewater, stormwater, and industrial pumping. Romtec Utilities,

Process gauges for multiple purposes

The 1200 series pumps are designed to monitor pressures in almost every type of process: type 1259 is the most economical for long-time use; 1279 Duragauge is ideal for harsh pressure media, fire hazards, or extreme cycle volumes; and for pulsation and vibration, the 1279 Duregauge PLUS! offers technology to dampen pointer flutter without the need for liquid fill.

Membrane bioreactor for community, commercial uses

The Membrex membrane bioreactor—useful for treating wastewater in restrictive lots or in proximity of sensitive areas—incorporates LEED factors such as reuse for irrigation in environmentally conscious sites. Options for nitrogen or phosphorus removal are also available. Premier Tech

Pump series improves flow

With mechanical elements that eliminate the use of contour plates on the liquid side of the diaphragm, the Neptune Series 7000 chemical pump's flow is improved over previous models. All moving parts are submerged in oil for longer-lasting use. Neptune Chemical Pump

Shaft, coupling alignment system

The OPTALIGN smart alignment system offers quick, reliable, and accurate maintenance work on rotating equipment. The device's alphanumeric keyboard, navigation and menu keys, and help text provide an easily understood screen of measurement results. The continuous sweep mode also can evaluate hundreds of readings during shaft rotation.Ludeca

No-calibration dissolved-oxygen sensor

The Oxix sensor is designed for seven to 10 years of constant operation without any membrane replacement, optics service, or other parts replacement. The sensor also has a built-in air or water cleaning system to also reduce maintenance. The Oxix uses fluorescence to measure the dissolved oxygen.

Larger pipe diameter options

The CertaFlo GreenLine PVC Sewer Pipe line is ideal for municipalities with larger pipe diameters. The corrosion-resistant pipes come in 4-, 8-, 10- and 12-in. diameters for upsizing overloaded smaller lines and for size-on-size replacement of deteriorated pipelines. The light-green color also makes camera inspection of sewers easier. CertainTeed.

Cyber-security measures

To preserve public health and the environment, the Ovation Security Center is security system and software that performs many essential tasks in protecting water and wastewater facilities, including security event management, malware prevention, patch deployment and audit, event log storage and reporting, and vulnerability assessment and management. Emerson Process Management.

Electromagnetic flowmeters

The WaterMaster incorporates an octagonal sensor design, which improves flow profile and reduces up- and downstream piping requirements. Installation requires excavating to the pipe, fitting the sensor, cabling the transmitter, and backfilling the hole. Sizes are available in common flowmeter sizes of 1.5 to 12 in.

Field optical sensors

The MultiLine 3410, 3420, and 3430 meters have the option of single, dual, or triple channels. Users can measure conductivity, pH, and oxygen levels, which are shown on a high-resolution color display. The keypad is waterproof and data can be transferred via a USB flash drive. WTW