The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has tracked water industry issues and trends since its founding in 1881. That tradition continues through the annual State of the Water Industry survey, which:

  • Identifies and tracks significant challenges the water industry faces.
  • Provides data and analyses to support water professionals as they develop strategies to address current issues.
  • Discovers potential problems or concerns on the water industry’s horizon.
  • Informs decision makers and the public of the challenges the industry faces.

With drought persisting in California, Texas, and elsewhere, supply is a key concern of 1,700 North American water and wastewater managers.

Long-term availability was the second most-important issue with less than 1% deeming it "unimportant," groundwater management and overuse was sixth, watershed protection was seventh, and drought or periodic water shortages was eighth.

They're concerned that customers and the public don't understand how critical the resource issue has become. Lack of awareness about supply and the value of water systems are the fourth and fifth issues respectively today and a top concern since the survey was first conducted a decade ago in 2004.

A 2012 AWWA study found that more than $1 trillion is necessary to replace and expand drinking water infrastructure over the next 25 years, and wastewater costs are thought to be similar. With such a figure looming, it’s not surprising that financing capital projects was respondents' third most-important issue.

AWWA is working with 11 other associations and private companies on the Value of Water Coalition to raise awareness.

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