Super-performing pumps

Moyno Sanitary Pumps are ideal for any application where bacteria and contamination must be avoided and/or frequent cleanup is required. The pumps feature mechanical seals and meet 3A sanitary requirements with no modifications necessary. Moyno Inc.

Watertight and naturally corrosion proof

Lifespan System eliminates unwanted flows at the cover and chimney area of a manhole. It retains the hydraulic, watertight, and structural integrity of the underlying concrete structure and delivers a longer service life. It also minimizes road noise because there are no rattling covers. Clean Water Resources.

Reestablishing watertight conditions

NPC Internal Joint Seals leaking pipe joints in most types of pipe including concrete, reinforced concrete, cast iron, ductile iron, steel, vitrified clay, PVC, and HDPE. It can withstand external head pressure of 34 ft. and internal head pressure of 70 ft. Trelleborg NPC.

Sand-graded for filtration plants

Northern Filter Sand resource is composed of more than 500 acres of sand and gravel to a depth of 110 ft. The original specifications are: bed depth is 12 to 36 in.; freeboard is 40% of bed depth; service flow rate is 2 to 5 gals./minute (gpm) per sq. ft.; and the backwash flow rate is 15 to 20 gpm/sq. ft. Northern Filter Media.

Pumping system for precise-flow applications

The advantages of the Masterflex P/S line of digital peristaltic pumping systems include repeatability of 0.1% to maximize productivity, and a turndown ratio upwards to 6,000-to-1 that provides users with substantial flexibility in volume and time of dispense. A multilanguage, intuitive, man/machine interface features numerous capabilities like bidirectional flow, self-priming, and superior accuracy. The pumps are ideal in virtually all applications where precise flow control is required. Thermo Fischer Scientific.

Diamond strength makes pumps last

DiamondFaces is a synthetically manufactured, ultra-pure diamond seal face coating with the same outstanding characteristics as the natural stone. Mechanical seals with the seal face coating will experience virtually no wearing of the diamond coating, reduced sliding-face friction, extension of mean time between failure and mean time between repair values, significant energy savings, increased application range, and a shortened return on investment period. EagleBurgmann.

Reduce runoff with a guarantee

These Vegetative Roof Assemblies include a comprehensive warranty for all components, including the 790-11 high-performance hot rubberized asphalt roofing and waterproofing membrane, proven to last more than 40 years. Vegetative roofs reduce water runoff and reduce building temperatures by as much as 20F. Henry Co.