Custom valve tagging

Hydra-Tag is a custom valve tagging product made of corrosion-resistant brass. Users can specify custom numbering or lettering on any size order. The tag attaches securely to the bolts of a valve for virtually tamper-proof installation. It can be used on any type of valve, backflow preventer, pump, or other equipment. The tagging system is suitable for emergency locations, maintenance, security, mapping, and performance evaluations. Assured Flow Sales.

Valve selection software

Performance! 9.3.0 valve selection software uses industry-standard sizing equations and other measures to specify control valves. Its database includes detailed valve specification information, including materials, accessories, actuators, positioners, and other pertinent information. The process begins by recording pipe diameters, schedules, and required process conditions. Inputs can be changed at any time, and valve style also can be modified. It includes support for a total of 76 individual valve models and 29 actuator models. The software runs on Windows 98 or newer. Flowserve Corp.

True union end connections

The company's spring-loaded Y check valves, Y check valves, and Y strainers now feature true union end connections; the feature enables the valves and strainers to be removed from the piping system without having to break down components. Removing the heavy-duty hex cap allows the valve body or strainer screen to be removed quickly and easily for maintenance or cleaning. None of the valves or strainers will stick, jam, or fail due to rust or corrosion. They prevent damage to pumps, filters, and other process equipment. Hayward Flow Control Systems.

Valve data collection

The PT-25 truck-mounted valve operator can keep track of its own activities, thanks to its data collection and mapping system. It can gather and save all of its activities when exercising valves into an ESRI mapping program. The valve operator communicates with a laptop computer in the truck cab that has the city's infrastructure (including valves and hydrants) and a GPS to ensure the right valve is being operated. When the user clicks on the “exercise valve” button, the date, time, number of revolutions required to close, and the amount of torque required to turn the valve are logged and stored. Pacific Tek Inc.

Backflow prevention assembly enclosures

WattsBox insulated enclosures are designed to guard backflow prevention assemblies from freezing conditions. Doors provide access to the assembly for testing and repair, without having to remove the entire unit. The aluminum enclosures are easy to install, with interlocking panels that eliminate the need for screws. The products eliminate potential drainage constraints, save floor space, and are durable. Watts Backflow Prevention Products.

Hydrant locks

The company's hydrant locks protect the devices against unauthorized usage. The products are easy to install and operate, and they do not require users to modify existing hydrants. They will fit virtually any hydrant style. Each of the locks is made of alloy steel and ductile iron, and they are environmentally sealed and electroplated for maximum weather resistance. The operating wrench comes with a standard fireman's tool and the company's operating key head. McGard LLC.