In July, the WateReuse Association, a national trade association representing the interests of water utilities, issued a challenge to Florida homebrewers – turn recycled water into the best beer on the planet. More than 100 homebrewers from the Tampa area accepted the challenge. On Saturday, September 10, two dozen certified beer tasters will determine whose homebrew rose to the challenge - making the best tasting beer from recycled water.

Water reuse is the process of purifying wastewater to safely use it for another purpose, including drinking. The water used in the contest was wastewater from homes and small businesses in the Tampa area. Multiple advanced technologies were used to purify the water to make it safe for drinking. The recycled water was tested to ensure it met stringent water quality standards for drinking. In fact, the water is cleaner than most bottled water.

Three water industry giants – TetraTech, Xylem and GE – partnered with WateReuse to produce the purified water using a multi-step treatment process, which includes stringent filtration and disinfection methods. Special Hoperations, a local homebrew club, organized the contest and recruited the homebrewers.

Water reuse helps communities provide a safe, reliable, locally-controlled supply of water, which protects the environment, sustains a robust economy and ensures a high quality of life. To meet the growing demand for water amid shrinking supplies, more and more communities are reusing water for a variety of purposes.