Xylem Inc. has launched a compact plug-and-play pump controller with advanced monitoring and control capabilities to optimize wastewater pumping efficiency.

The Flygt controller can be easily connected to one or two pumps and offers the pump operator unrivalled flexibility, including the ability to alternate between pumps, track information on pump performance and undertake maintenance actions. Energy measurement, data loggers and level monitoring are all built into the compact unit, eliminating the need for complex electrical cabinets. This makes it a very cost-efficient monitoring solution. In addition, integrated motor protection functionality automatically monitors and protects the pump motor against voltage phase failure, overload and voltage fluctuations. Preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting information alert the operator to potential pump problems before they occur.

Xylem’s Flygt FGC400 is designed to give pump operators maximum flexibility with minimal effort improving performance and boosting efficiency with a single, easy-to-use interface. The FGC400 boasts all the capabilities needed for one or two pumps, is pre-programmed with the advanced functionality and can be very easily installed and configured in a matter of minutes. The state-of-the-art controller provides even the smallest pump facilities with professional-grade functionality.

Xylem’s Flygt FGC400 is capable of controlling pumps up to 5.5 kilowatts or larger pumps using external contactors, and is equipped to readily sync with external controls systems like SCADA systems all combined in a compact box. The unit can be easily configured via PC, USB or the controller’s intuitive HMI. The detachable interface, which can be mounted next to the controller or used as a handheld device, provides a wealth of actionable real-time data.

Xylem Inc.

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