Select the parameter you wish to measure from the easy-to-use LCD menu on the inside front cover. Choose Conductivity, pH, ORP or Flow. The user interface was designed under the principle that the user should not need to read the manual.

Three Relays
Each relay has both adjustable high and low on set-points and can be set for either a rising or falling process, and has its own cycle timer, with adjustable on and off times. The third relay is provided to act as an alarm or a third process control re­lay.

Two Analog Outputs
Each 4-20 mA output can be configured for PID control. Most users will only use propor­tional control but the integral and derivative terms are there for advanced control.

Zero Cards
The 2250 comes complete. There are no extra costs associated with buying boards for different sensors, or buying components to achieve NEMA 4X. A mounting kit is in­cluded for surface and panel mounting. The enclosure outline makes panel-mount cut­outs simple.

The 2250 is packaged in a rugged NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure making it ideal­ly suited for indoor and outdoor heavy-duty applications.

One Bright Display
A backlit LCD display can be seen from a distance. The keypad allows easy entry of menu items and numeric values.

No other controller offers the same combi­nation of flexibility and ease for calibration. The process value is visible during calibra­tion so the user knows when it has settled down. Calibration of pH can be with 2 or 3 points. Calibration of conductivity can take as many as 16 points so acids and bases can be measured through their conductivity.

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