Designed to handle raw, unscreened sewage, effluent and large volumes of surface and process water, the extended selection ensures the highest pump efficiencies over a wider range of demand and the largest free passage of solids at the lowest vibrations.
With the hydraulically efficient S-tube impeller, the extended range enables free passage of solids up to five inches, which is ideal for large flows of raw sewage. Self-adaptive controls allow the pump to adjust to changing operating conditions, while high-efficiency motors meet global standards.

The pump series is designed with IE3 premium efficiency motor components, quick removable pump housing clamps, cartridge seals, quick removable plug in cord and smooth exterior components for high efficiency performance along with an easy-to-service pump.

The SL range is designed for submerged use, while the SE range accommodates both submerged and dry installations. Applications include raw water intake, commercial, municipal and industrial wastewater, process water and storm water runoff.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation

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