An HDPE canopy masks noise when moving large volumes of water and sewage.

Designed from the ground up, the SiteMax pump’s patent pending features make it ideal across a wide variety of liquid handling applications. With available skid or trailer mount options, the SiteMax pump is ultra-portable and easy to maneuver through even the most difficult to reach areas. For extra flexibility on site, SiteMax features side-by-side suction intake and discharge connections.

“Between bad weather conditions and difficult terrain, our customers don’t have time for a bulky and unreliable pump,” said JP Lake, President of PowerPrime. “SiteMax can easily arrive on site and get to work quickly without hassle.”

With high-efficiency Kubota engines, SiteMax helps manage operating and labor costs. The large 88.5-gallon tank provides up to 65 hours of continuous runtime, giving customers the confidence to leave the SiteMax pump unattended and focus on other, more urgent tasks. SiteMax features a Venturi or vacuum priming system and is able to prime and re-prime in less than 20 seconds and prime on long suction lengths (more than 100 ft.).

For around-the-clock operations, the SiteMax pump boasts standard sound attenuation at 69 dB from 23 ft. and is noticeably quieter than other competing pumps. A high-density polyethylene canopy is standard and greatly reduces operating noise, making it easier to communicate on the job and is suited for sensitive areas like hospitals or residential neighborhoods. The canopy is also resistant to excessive damage and denting compared to metal, and offers added protection against vandalism and tampering.

An innovative new impeller design has an exclusive pull/push function that improves performance and efficiency. SiteMax allows for clear water efficiency combined with solids handling up to 3-inches and reduces clogging even with the most non-compressible or stringy solids. The impeller design also allows SiteMax to pull greater suction lift compared to similar models, thereby improving performance on deep dewatering or sewer bypass lifts. The pump is available in three sizes: 4, 6 and 8-inch.

Other unique features of SiteMax include its double containment fluid basin which holds up to 150% of the onboard engine fluids and fuel, and an emergency stop button on the control panel. “We believe that pump users are looking for products that help them meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations like jobsite spill prevention and safety”, said Lake.

To reduce maintenance costs and downtime, PowerPrime Pumps also designed SiteMax with greater part interchangeability and reduced number of individual spare parts; features that are important to customers with large pump fleets like Rain for Rent and rental companies worldwide.


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