Model 20 HT/GT agitator gearbox
Model 20 HT/GT agitator gearbox

The Chemineer Model 20 HT/GT agitator gearbox is specifically designed for agitator duties in a wide range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, FGD, power and other general process industries.

A standard commercial gearbox tends to use smaller shafts and larger bearing spans that result in higher deflection, wear and shorter lifespan. To obtain adequate drive life, a high service factor must be applied. In comparison with a general purpose gear-drive of the same nominal AGMA torque rating, the Model 20 HT/GT gearbox has much longer bearing and gear lives, which translate to lower maintenance costs and greater productivity. The Model 20HT/GT gearbox out-performs and is more cost effective than standard commercial gearboxes.

The high-efficiency Model 20 HT/GT agitator gearbox features:
• Double and triple reduction gearing options that decrease gear loads and noise levels
• Helical/spiral bevel (HT) and all helical bevel (GT) gears to reduce energy costs
• Case carburized gearing that reduces wear rate for 20+ year of service life
• Reverse rotation capability for process flexibility


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