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RDII Analyst from Innovyze

Generation V14.5 fully supports sewer condition and rehabilitation priorities and... More

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Grundfos Consumer Research Survey Shows Divide Over Water Issue Beliefs

While almost half of the respondents believe they'll never be affected by a water... More

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Wastewater Operator Indicted for Falsifying Test Results

Due to the impact that wastewater has on groundwater, this indictment is being... More

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Compact Wastewater Pump

Flygt compact wastewater pump range now available with clog-free capabilities. More

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Blackwater Level Sensor

Gill's new Blackwater Level Sensor provides improved accuracy for solid waste tank... More

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Colorado Sewer District Celebrates New Facility

Formed in 1961 to protect the South Platte River, the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District is the largest water reclamation provider in the Rocky Mountain West. It works with 60 cities, sanitation districts, and water and sanitation districts to serve about 1.8 million people in a 715-square-mile area of metropolitan Denver. More

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Lawsuit Accuses Texas Wastewater Plant of Racism

An African-American business owner claims his crews were allowed to access the... More

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Construction Well Underway on Wastewater Treatment Facility

There’s a lot of activity on the 35 acres of land east of York where the city’s... More

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Keeping Up L.A.'s Sewer System is a High-Tech Job

City of Los Angeles Sewer and Stormwater Field Operations Manager Kent Carlson... More

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