You can send the video on to your staff or supervisors for approval right from the field no need to go back to the shop. The convenient, compact Gen-Eye POD combines camera, reel and monitor in a handy, all-in-one package.

The full size Gen-Eye POD sports a self-leveling camera and 200 ft. of Gel-Rod for troubleshooting 3” to 10” drain lines. The MINI-POD version carries 125 ft. or 175 ft. of push rod with mini self-leveling color camera small enough to troubleshoot 2” to 4” lines. A video out connection still lets you record to an external device.

The generous 7” LCD color monitor mounts on a rugged, flexible gooseneck that swivels for optimal viewing angles wherever you’re working. And the durable padded case protects the monitor and your investment.

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