Raleigh, North Carolina – MBP is pleased to announce that the Town of Chapel Hill (Town) has selected MBP to provide retro-commissioning services on two community use facilities.

“We look forward to applying our retro-commissioning expertise and best practices to make this a successful project for the Town,” says Kevin Lugo, PE, CCM, Vice President/Branch Operations Manager. “This was a strategic win for MBP, and we are excited to begin building a strong working relationship with the Town of Chapel Hill.”

The contract will involve retro-commissioning services to identify, design, and implement measures to improve the operation and efficiency of dehumidifying and integrated pool water heating systems at two indoor pools, or natatoriums, at the Chapel Hill Community Center and the Homestead Aquatics Center.

MBP will provide services over a three-month period for the 80-ton unit at the Chapel Hill Community Center and the two 40-ton units at the Homestead Aquatics Center.

Work will include monitoring and analyzing relevant operation and energy consumption data, analyzing the data to determine opportunities to improve efficiency, providing recommendations to improve energy performance, and working with Town staff to identify a clear action plan for each facility.

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