Disinfection sensors
Disinfection sensors

Measure tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and peracetic acid in drinking water regardless of water temperature and flow.
The s::scan sensor portfolio is growing and covers a total of almost 30 different water quality parameters now. They are the ideal solution for the typical disinfection applications, especially in drinking water.

In addition to the chlori::lyser the disinfection sensor range now includes:
chlodi::lyser: measuring chlorine dioxide from 0.005 to 2 mg/l
hyper::lyser: measuring hydrogen peroxide from 0 to 200 mg/l
peroxy::lyser: measuring peracetic acid from 0.1 to 200 mg/l

The new sensors are based on the amperometric measuring method and impress by their level of accuracy. They offer higher selectivity and stable signals at different water qualities; the readings are stable even at high fluctuations of temperature and flow. Tensides (surfactants) are mostly tolerated. They are resistant to chemicals and surfactants as they are equipped with a special membrane / electrolyte combination. As all s::can sensors, the new sensors are factory pre-calibrated, long-term stable and require low maintenance in operation. The membrane only has to be replaced once a year.

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