The Lifter safely and efficiently removes manhole covers and drainage grates. In most cases, removing covers and grates is as simple as pushing a button on a remote control.

Introduced to meet a market demand for a more powerful lifter, it delivers 3500 lbs. of magnetic gripping capacity. This added capacity directly addresses the need for a more powerful tool to remove very heavy covers that may also have rib and lettering designs. The added gripping capacity allows the magnet to compensate for reduced surface contact area and deliver exceptional lifting capability.

The lifter comes with two options, with or without the roadway camera and dash monitor. In addition, Rock Mills Enterprises is introducing a new 30 in. Swing Arm with 600 lbs. of load capacity. This addresses the demand for a Swing Arm with longer reach and greater load capacity.

Rock Mills Enterprises is an innovator in manhole cover and drainage grate removal safety products. Heavy manhole covers and grates expose workers to injury and the associated high costs to employers.

Rock Mills Enterprises

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