According to software developer PV & Associates LLC, WinSLAMMyfvdfdzdrbywwacuw is the only urban stormwater quality model that evaluates runoff volume and pollution loading for each source within each land use for each rainfall event. It doesn't lump impervious areas or all the areas in a single land use together.

The newly released 10.1.2 version includes a design module for Hydro International's Up-Flo filter, a  high-rate fluidized bed filtration system that provides sedimentation, screening, and filtration. From noon until 12:45 pm (Central) tomorrow, webinar attendees will learn how to size the system for their particular treatment and/or maintenance objectives.

A free trial version of the software is available from  You will need a password, available through the WinSLAMM website, to activate the trial version.

Click here to register for the 45-minute webinar. Watch how the Up-Flo works below.