This Harrisburg, Pa., company made aggregate crushers and conveyors before branching into “specialty-wear” equipment for construction, mining, and street sweeper rental. The company claims to be the fastest-growing U.S. manufacturer of chassis-mounted mechanical broom and regenerative air sweepers (pictured) in part because operators don’t need a CDL license and partly due to design.

For example, mechanical sweepers have a:

  • Three-shaft elevator system for less chain wear and tear;
  • Free-floating broom that automatically adjusts to pavement contours;
  • Four-scissor hopper system that provides greater stability when dumping sticky, unbalanced, or wet loads.

The regenerative sweepers have:

  • Standard stainless steel hopper guaranteed not to rust for five years;
  • Stainless steel hopper panels, so portions of a damaged hopper as opposed to the entire piece can be replaced;
  • A hopper top that automatically opens when dumping for access to separator screens.

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Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co.