A joint venture of Atkins and Stantec has been selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide services for the agency’s extensive flood risk mapping and hazard mitigation programs—a multi-pronged effort to help communities identify and understand the risks that natural and manmade disasters pose to infrastructure and buildings.

The program also helps communities prepare, respond, and recover from disasters through development and redevelopment strategies that incorporate resiliency.

Stantec and Atkins formed the Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction II Joint Venture (STARR II JV) to undertake the Risk Mapping Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) Architecture and Engineering Contract, which includes the engineering elements of two predecessor contracts, the Hazard Mitigation and Technical Assistance Program (HMTAP) and Technical Assistance and Research Contract (TARC). The new, nationwide contract has a maximum value of $600 million and extends from 2015 to 2019.

Under this contract, FEMA will leverage architectural and engineering services across the Risk MAP, HMTAP, and TARC programs to continue to develop high-quality data, increase awareness, and facilitate local mitigation actions to reduce risk. Stantec and Atkins have helped FEMA lead the initiation, development, and maturation of all three programs. The team has a 36-year uninterrupted history of helping FEMA and its partners address these issues.

“This contract underscores FEMA’s confidence in STARR II to deploy the right mix of technical and engineering support for communities at risk across the country,” says Scott Murray, Stantec’s Executive Vice President for US Operations. “We expect to dedicate hundreds of our professional staff in support of FEMA’s mission.”

“Atkins is pleased to be continuing our work on this important FEMA program. It’s a significant program for Atkins, and helping communities understand their vulnerabilities to flood potential is becoming increasingly critical,” says Atkins’ Joe Boyer, CEO of the North America region.

Under the Risk MAP program, FEMA provides communities with reliable, accessible digital flood risk data that can be used to better assess and plan for flood damage throughout the United States. As part of this effort, the STARR team will collaborate with FEMA and other organizations to better define and mitigate risk from flooding in critical areas nationwide.

Under the HMTAP program, STARR will deliver professional services for pre- and post-disaster mitigation activities in response to natural events and disasters, including floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, ice storms, and tornadoes, as well as manmade events such as terrorist attacks and pandemics.

Under the TARC program, STARR will provide engineering expertise to assess the impacts of natural events and disasters on the built environment to develop and enhance guidance for practitioners to design more resilient structures.

“The STARR joint venture team is proud to have been selected by FEMA to work on such an important program,” says Vince DiCamillo, Stantec’s STARR JV project director. “Our world-class team is passionate about making our communities safer, especially in light of the record-breaking damage from storms in recent years.”

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