Drop-in filtration

The EcoSense stormwater filter takes minutes to install in a catch basin, drain, or inlet—no excavation or special equipment is required. The filtration medium permanently captures oil, grease, dirt, and other debris during the first flush of an event, preventing the contaminants from leaching back into the stormwater. Each filter handles flow rates up to 50 gallons per minute, and in normal applications it only needs to be changed every eight to 10 months. Ipex Inc. www.ipexinc.com..

Stormwater treatment

The CDS treatment system screens, separates, and traps debris, sediment, oil, and grease from stormwater runoff. Its indirect screening capability allows 100% removal of flotables and neutrally buoyant material. The system—which comes in precast and cast-in-place versions—offers offline models that can treat offline flows to 300 cubic feet per second (cfs), inline units that can treat flows to 20 cfs, and bypass versions that can treat flows of more than 50 cfs. Contech Stormwater Solutions. www.contechstormwater.com..

Filtration tubes

Terra-Tubes are a hybrid of wood fibers, manmade fibers, and polymers, encased in heavy-duty knitted tubes. The devices trap, filter, and treat sediment-heavy runoff while reducing hydraulic flow. They can be used as interrupters on slopes, channel flow checks, drain-inlet protectors, and perimeter sediment controllers. Profile Products LLC. www.profileproducts.com..

Dry-prime pump

The 4-inch 4JSCM high-efficiency, dry-priming pump is a powerful, lightweight, compact unit that can be used in a range of applications, including dewatering and sewer bypass. Features include flow capacity of 1450 gallons per minute, shutoff head of 130 feet, and ability to handle solids up to 3 inches. Thompson Pump. www.thompsonpump.com..

Leaching chambers

The ARC line of leaching chambers offers easy installation, with minimal soil compaction. The durable, lightweight chambers allow effluent to flow freely to uncompacted backfill through open bottoms and innovative louvered side-walls, which prevent migration into the chamber. The products come in 5-foot lengths for easy handling and flexibility of installation. Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. www.ads-pipe.com..

Modular catch basin system

Designed to fit into existing stormwater drains, EnviroSafe filters remove and capture trash, sediment, oil, grease, and soluble metals from runoff. The filters incorporate an antimicrobial chemical to inhibit growth of bacteria, viruses, and mold. Transpo Industries Inc. www.transpo.com..

Catch basin insert

When stormwater runoff enters the Ultra-DrainGuard Oil & Sediment Plus insert, it is directed toward a polypropy-lene geotextile that filters pollutants from the water. Filter strips made of recycled synthetic fibers help maximize removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminants from the effluent. The insert is held in place by the drain's grate. UltraTech International Inc. www.spillcontainment.com..

HDPE pipe

Storm Seal high-density polyethylene pipe offers an integral bell and spigot joint configuration that provides a watertight connection to reduce stormwater infiltration. The product resists damage from impact, corrosion, and freeze/thaw cycles. Diameters from 8 to 48 inches are available. PVC basins and drains also are offered. Quality Culvert Inc. www.qualityculvert.com..

Bypass pump

The 6-inch DV 150i has a high-efficiency impeller that offers favorable solids handling and suction lift capabilities. It can handle solids to 3 inches, flows to 2600 gallons per minute, and heads up to 195 feet. The pump is mounted on a galvanized trailer to prevent rust and corrosion. Rain for Rent. www.rainforrent.com..

Vacuum-assisted pumps

The company offers a line of variable-use, vacuum-assisted, non-clog pumps that can handle flows to 12,000 gallons per minute and heads to 200 feet. The units are automatic, dry priming, and dry running, and they operate efficiently under intermittent flow conditions. Choose from diesel or electric models, with the fuel tank either integral or trailer-mounted. Griffin Pump & Equipment. www.griffinpump.com..