As full capture devices, these post-construction BMPs effectively remove a variety of pollutants, suspended solids, dissolved metals and floatables/debris.

Installation and maintenance are simple, no special tools and no confined space entry, can be performed by one person. Units can be cleaned with a Vactor truck or manually. With our sampling port you can take water quality samples any time to check system performance.


  • Fits all catch basins
  • Full perimeter gasket for 100% pollutant capture
  • Removable rigid strainer with 1/8"
  • Easy access, permit compliance sampling port
  • Wide variety of filter elements to address different pollutants
  • Readily cleaned without discharge
  • Bypass port handles heavy flows
  • Vactor truck friendly design for easy servicing
  • One person installation and maintenance with no special tools

CleanWay Environmental Partners.

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