Versatile Design
Meet every challenge by changing wheels rapidly, and by adding a camera lift and extra lamps when needed. Expand your capabilities with add-ons for lateral launch, side-scan and laser.
Smart Controls
Handheld controls let you perform inspections, measure defects, overlay text, record video, gather PACP data and generate reports. Simply connect to the internet for updates to the latest features.
Steerable 6WD
Power through inverts, around debris and over offsets. Six-wheel drive, proportional steering and zero turn radius make ROVVER X the most agile crawler you'll find
Deploy Anywhere
ROVVER X's compact layout travels in any vehicle and runs off generator or inverter power. Its 1000' reel lets you inspect farther, and auto cable management simplifies operation.
WinCan Software
Bundled with every ROVVER X, WinCan is the leading software for generating PACP-compliant reports and organizing asset data.


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