Storm sewer treatment

Stormceptor removes more pollutants from stormwater than competing separators. The product maintains continuous positive treatment of total suspended solids throughout the year, regardless of the flow rate. It removes particles from 20 to 2000 microns-free oils, heavy metals, nutrients, and more. In addition, it can be set up to remove a specific particle size distribution. Rinker Materials.

Pipe inspection

New laser and sonar profiling tools have been introduced to integrate with the company's ROVVER and SuperVision inspection crawlers. The tools enable the systems to analyze pipe for deformation, corrosion, debris accumulation, and faulty liner installation. The laser profiler operates above flow line, the sonar profiler below; they can be used individually or together. Each comes with software that can generate various reports in easy-to-understand formats. Envirosight LLC.

Vacuum excavation

The PMD 850 Series system is designed for removal of wet or dry materials, including storm drain and manhole cleanout. It is equipped with a hydraulic rear door, which lets the operator completely empty the contents. For optimal safety, the door is controlled by push buttons located on the side of the unit. The unit can be mounted to a flat bed or on a trailer. Vac-Tron.

Drain cleaning

This newly designed belt guard operates with the company's Model E drain cleaning machine. The guard is constructed of heavy-duty, thermo-resistant plastic, and it mounts securely to the machine's motor with a thumb screw. It can be removed easily for maintenance tasks, such as changing belts or removing the cable drum. Electric Eel Manufacturing Co.

Pipe for trenchless bursting

CertaFlo GreenLine PVC sewer pipe, available in 10- and 13-in. lengths, is designed for pipebursting. The product's green color makes it easier to camera-inspect the sewer. Also, the short lengths simplify and speed up assembly. The pipe is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. CertainTeed Corp.

Vacuum trucks

The company's vacuum trucks offer efficient filtration, low filter baghouse maintenance cost, and long filter bag service life. With proper maintenance, the vehicles can work up to 2000 hours in the field before the filter bags need changing. Also, because all the trucks feature single-mode filtration, no time is lost in changing from wet to dry mode. GapVax.

Track carrier

The FTX350 has steel tracks that can carry it around tight places, over soft ground, or across rough terrain. Machine weight is approximately 28,000 lbs. The unit comes with the company's BH99HG BullHog mulcher, which offers 30-degree lateral tilt and 86-in. cutting width. Options include a 25,000-lb. Ramsey winch, Espar heater, and winter cleats. Fecon Inc.