Maintaining an appropriate disinfectant residual in a distribution system is one of the barriers in the multibarrier risk management system that assures high-quality water reaches customers throughout a distribution system. Disinfectant residual practice is a balancing act among addressing microbial risks, minimizing disinfection by-product formation, maintaining stable water conditions, and operational demands.

With implementation of the Revised Total Coliform Rule, it’s important to review current practices for maintaining disinfectant residuals. Moreover, events in Flint, Michigan, following 2014 Naegleria fowleri outbreaks, have increased regulators’ interest in utilities’ efforts to maintain reliable residuals.

This webinar focuses on the analytical, design, and operational aspects of assuring a reliable disinfectant residual throughout the distribution system.


  • Caroline Russell, Principal Technologist, Carollo Engineers
  • Stephen Booth, Senior Project Manager, Confluence Engineering Group, LLC
  • Matthew Alexander, Environmental Engineer, USEPA

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