Restrained joints, used to connect pressurized pipe, valves and hydrants, are designed to resist thrust forces. ALPHA’s one-piece quick install design, and its ability to accommodate a wide range of pipe diameters, make it a time saving product for the utility industry.

ALPHA offers these advantages:

  • ALPHA can be quickly and easily installed by one person. In some instances, the Mechanical Joint may require more than one person to install.
  • The Mechanical Joint uses up to eight bolts on each end and eight wedge bolts for each restraint; ALPHA uses only one stainless steel bolt, which saves time and money.
  • The Mechanical Joint often requires the installer(s) to elevate the valve or hydrant to reach the bolts on the bottom of the joint.
  • Unlike the Mechanical Joint, ALPHA comes with the restraint accessories attached. This also saves time and money.
  • ALPHA is compatible with several pipe materials, including ductile iron, cast iron, HDPE and PVC pipe. This means it will work with just about any pipe material on the job.
  • ALPHA works with the pressure to achieve restraint.

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