Reinforced plastic pipe, fittings from Industrial Fiberglass Specialties

Standard and custom products for structurally demanding applications and corrosive environments like wastewater collection and treatment.

When National Grid installed fish-friendly intake screens at its’ Port Jefferson Power Station; it needed a new discharge piping assembly with a small footprint that could capture water from a fish and debris trough, and funnel it to a harbor return pipe. FiberSystem’s Fiber Reinforced Plastic one-piece, contoured composite solution won the competitive bid over conventional materials.

Specifications for the discharge pipe spool called for close dimensions, corrosion resistance, a smooth interior and water-tight connections. FiberSystem's contoured design and high-performance epoxy vinylester interior finish was fish-friendly, non-corrodible, and a longer life cycle.

With an outside diameter of 22 inches, the 69-inch long flanged by beveled end spool was fabricated with a custom-made smooth-radius foam tool to contact mold piping with epoxy vinylester fish-friendly resin. The flanged end was custom drilled to match the existing aluminum flange. Handles were custom molded into the pipe structure for easy lifting and installation.


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