This low-VOC epoxy protects water and wastewater pipelines with one coat instead of two.

AkzoNobel’s International® protective coatings brand has launched Enviroline® 2405, an advanced hybrid epoxy lining system into North America. The high temperature, abrasion resistant coating was specially designed to offer exceptional flexibility, durability and protection in a single coat.

Enviroline® 2405 is formulated as an ultra-high solids, low volatile organic compound (VOC) 0.37 lbs/gal (45g/Lt), two component polycyclamine-cured epoxy for a faster and easier installation in a variety of oil and gas, chemical, mining, and water and wastewater environments. Applied at ambient temperature, with either standard airless or plural component spray equipment, Enviroline® 2405 provides a rapid hard cure in six hours, with a return to service in about 48 hours. The heavy duty lining system is ideal for use in process vessels and tanks operating at temperatures up to 302°F (150°C), and can resist continuous immersion in a range of chemicals including crude oil up to 176°F (80°C).

Karl Nollsch, AkzoNobel’s North American Water and Wastewater Market Champion, states, “Our customers would typically expect to find this level of protection and flexibility in a multi-coat system, but not anymore. Enviroline® 2405 provides a truly unique, cost efficient and highly effective single coat lining solution that can meet the needs of multiple industries and environments.”

With a simple 2:1 mix ratio that helps eliminate mixing errors and unnecessary materials waste, Enviroline® 2405 is flexible enough for use in applications such as crude and petroleum bulk storage tanks, downhole tubulars, downhole casing exteriors, interior and exterior pipes, floors, trenches, tank pads, troughs, sumps and pits, free water knockouts, treaters and separators.

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