The Southern Nevada Water Authority and East Bay Municipal Utility District in California are using this compact unit to lower costs associated with water main breaks.

PipeMinder continuously measures the pressure and flow of water travelling through the pipeline at a high definition rate 128 samples per second. The data is precision time stamped via GPS, even while the units are deployed underground. This high definition data is processed through a series of algorithms, one of which is Syrinix’s intuitive “S3” Score, the measure of transient activity calculated and displayed via RADAR. The S3 Score is a graphical representation of damaging transient stresses on a network further aiding utilities to calm their networks.

PipeMinder, is contained within a compact, environmentally robust IP68 enclosure with a 20 bar absolute pressure transducer and quick-fit connector, it incorporates quadband 3G communication technology, deployed with a standard size SIM card to ensure compatibility across multiple networks. The unit houses an omni-directional antenna with additional options available for areas of low mobile network coverage.

Syrinix Inc.

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