PA80 Peracetic Acid Analyzer
PA80 Peracetic Acid Analyzer

Process and plant engineers responsible for maintaining sanitary product, process and equipment environments will find the new panel mounted PA80 Peracetic Analyzer simplifies process monitoring to ensure disinfection without the need for potentially harmful disinfection byproducts.

The plumb-and-play design of ECD’s economical PA80 Peracetic Acid Analyzer allows a single technician to install the unit right out of the box with no special tools or complex calibration routines. The PA80’s cost-effective design includes built-in flow control, so there’s no need to purchase or install pressure regulators and rotameters, which are typically an extra cost with many other types of liquid analyzers.

Peracetic acid is a colorless liquid with a characteristic pungent odor similar to vinegar; it’s produced by a reaction between hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid. Produced typically as an equilibrium solution combining these agents, PAA is a powerful oxidizer, stronger than chlorine or chlorine dioxide and is used as a disinfectant in municipal wastewater treatment and industrial cooling towers. PAA is a highly effective bactericide that does not form any harmful disinfection and decomposes naturally into acetic acid and water and will not form a residual that has to be removed from the treated water.

To reduce maintenance technician time and costs, the PA80 features an optional auto clean configuration, which includes a solenoid actuated spray cleaner that uses either 30 psi process water or air. An easily adjusted timer controls the period and duration of the cleaning cycle. The optional spray cleaner also eliminates fouling to protect batch sensitive products and prevent process line downtime.

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