This product line was introduced specifically to allow immediate, multiple access to discharge valves that maximize water flow.

Kochek Company, Connecticut-based makers of high quality water flow products and fire connections, reports significant sales growth/positive market reception for its new Street Fighters manifold valve product line, introduced last March. Ideal for firefighting applications as well as those requiring large amounts of water for cooling purposes in industrial markets, Street Fighters offer portability and multiple discharge valves available in many combinations. Popular for splitting various hoses and outlets based on their design, Street Fighters have become a mainstay of Kochek's manifold valve product line.

Kochek Company designed the Street Fighter line to specifically to allow immediate, multiple access to discharge valves which maximize water flow. Used with Kochek's LDH (large-diameter hose), Street Fighters are lightweight, durable, and easy to position. Units are configured to users' specifications with discharge valves, pressure gauges, drain bleeder valves, and caps with cables. Encased in aluminum welded frames, they come standard with large diameter inlets, pressure relief valves, and folding handles. Units are also available with color-coding for simple, recognition of hose lines.

Kochek Company.

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