Due to fluctuations in plant waste gas supply, seasonal temperature changes and other factors, wastewater treatment plant co-generation electric power systems typically rely on both waste gas and supplemental natural gas. These gases are supplied in separate lines, which must be monitored by meters prior to delivery of the fuel gas to the large gas reciprocating engines responsible for energy production.

With its thermal mass flow sensor design, the ST98 Flow Meter provides direct mass flow measurement without the need for additional temperature or pressure sensors or density calculating devices. The meter’s insertion style configuration makes it simple to install in existing piping without cutting the pipe or welding, offering minimal interruption to plant operations.

The flow meter provides accurate flow measurement over a wide flow range. Accuracy is ±1% of reading, plus ±0.5% of full scale. Exceptionally consistent, the ST98 meter offers repeatability to ±0.5% of reading. The insertion style ST98 meter flow range is from 0.75 to 600 SFPS [0.21 to 172 NPS] in air at standard conditions of 70°F [21.2°C] and 14.7 psia [0°C and 1013,25 bar (a)], typical for most gases.

The ST98 meter’s transmitter converts the differential temperature signal to a standard 4-20 mA output signal. The meter’s transmitter with its RS232C communications port is housed in either a NEMA Type 4, Type 4X (IP66) enclosure or an explosion-proof enclosure and can be integrally mounted to the flow element or remotely mounted up to 500 feet away. In addition, an LCD display screen indicating flow rate, temperature and totalized flow is available as an option.

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