Environmental and coastal modeling tool for clients who discharge into, or withdraw from, oceans, lakes, and reservoirs incorporates EPA-approved Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC).

The new Makai EFDC modeling system (M-EFDC) is specifically designed to simulate and predict the dispersion of large industrial water flows. Combined with Makai’s experienced team, the new M-EFDC enables cost-effective modeling solutions ranging from initial project planning to more rigorous regulatory submittals and watershed management efforts.

The state-of-the-art M-EFDC model simulates aquatic systems in three dimensions across a wide range of sizes and time-scales. The model results are used in the design, planning, and permitting process for the intake or discharge of a variety of facilities, including: desalination, seawater cooling systems including once through cooling systems, LNG processing plants, petroleum refineries, traditional thermoelectric power plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical manufacturing plants, food processing plants, and metal manufacturing plants.

Model results help developers to understand and visualize the physical, chemical, and biological impacts of their water intake or discharge system. These results are used to decide between design variations or are presented to stakeholders, reducing the uncertainty in the early design and permitting process. M-EFDC is derived from EFDC, which is one of the most widely used and technically defensible hydrodynamic models in the world over the last 20+ years and is EPA-approved.


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