Versatile compound for water and sewer applications.

Kalenborn Abresist Corporation introduces KALCOAT 560, a 100% solids high build epoxy coating for applications above or below water. Based on a unique blend of liquid epoxy polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents, KALCOAT 560 can displace water from wet surfaces to make a permanent bond. It is also solvent-free for safety and maximum technical performance and incorporates Kevlar microfibers for reinforcement and viscosity management for high application rates.

KALCOAT 560 can be used as an anti-corrosive coating, repair compound, fairing compound and encapsulating coating for a variety of applications. Other features include surface tolerant bonding, curing under water, fast cure, high build up to 250 Mils and low coefficient of friction which eliminates build up.

Kalenborn Abresist Corporation.

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