In less than 50 pages, Water Treatment for Dummies (a Wiley Brand): WQA Special Edition helps people without a technical background identify contaminants and find out how to treat or remove them.

"People need a resource they can understand when looking for answers to common problems," says Water Quality Association (WQA) Deputy Executive Director Pauli Undesser. "With this booklet, anyone can learn about options and tools for finding the right products and right professionals."

Available as a free download at, the booklet addresses everything from how water gets to homes to tips for properly maintaining a water softener. It explains filtration options for at the point of consumption and whole-house treatment. It provides more than a dozen questions to ask a water quality professional before installing a treatment system.

Water Treatment for Dummies will help guide consumers to the correct water treatment solution. Before heading to a retailer or shopping online for a product, they can visit WQA’s website to search product certification listings and to look for certified water treatment professionals.