Used across the west and southwest for decades, bar-wrapped concrete pipe is becoming increasingly accepted for water system pipelines in other parts of the country. However, many young engineers and project managers are unfamiliar with its attributes and applications.

To educate them, Hanson Pressure Pipe is bringing the material directly to them via a "training trailer." Stocked with segments, cross-sections, joint configurations, and sample spools, the company's demonstration trailer has appeared at the Chesapeake AWWA Section Conference and the Richmond, Va., WaterJam.

Produced to American Water Works Association standard AWWA-C-303, bar-wrapped pipe combines the physical strength of steel with the structural and protective properties of high-strength cement mortar. Hanson Pressure Pipe makes the pipe in diameters ranging from 10 inches through 64 inches.

"The trailer provides hands-on education that will help municipalities with the specification process as well as the installation and long-term management of their pipelines,” says Senior Vice President of Sales and Engineering Ken Primavera.

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