Based on flooding in the vendor's hometown, this program is designed to manage the physical assets most directly related to controlling water: floodwalls, levees, and pumps.

Cartegraph, the leading provider of work, asset, resource, and request management technology for local governments, has announced the release of its Flood Protection solution, a software collection designed specifically for helping communities better manage and maintain the assets that protect them from floods, such as floodgates, levee embankments and floodwalls.

With its Flood Protection solution, Cartegraph seeks to add a modern layer of accuracy to how flood protection assets are inspected and maintained. The product includes specialized software for managing:

• Pump Stations

• Flood Protection Generators

• Flood Protection Gates

• Levee Embankments

• Flood Protection Pumps

• Floodwalls

In addition to an interface designed to help users inspect assets more carefully and accurately, the product possesses mapping and asset relationship options for illustrating how and where different flood protection assets connect — data that’s especially crucial during flood-related emergencies.

According to Cartegraph, its Flood Protection solution is the first technology of its kind. Until now, public sector agencies have relied mostly on “home-baked” technology and processes based on U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) guidelines. Cartegraph says it took those guidelines a step further, using them as inspiration for a more modern and accurate approach to flood protection asset management.

The company’s Flood Protection solution was developed in collaboration with the City of Dubuque, IA, a community that resides on the banks of the Mississippi River and is no stranger to flooding concerns.
Dubuque is in the early stages of using the technology. The data collected using the Flood Protection solution will serve as the basis for future maintenance schedules and other preventative planning initiatives.

Cartegraph technology is designed and built to help public sector organizations save time and money. With its emphasis on adoptability, user experience, and return on investment, Cartegraph helps organizations effectively manage the work, assets, resources, and requests at the center of their day-to-day operations.


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