Flex-I-Liner pump
Flex-I-Liner pump

Plant managers who are responsible for safely transferring volatile chemicals and/or gases can now do so using the air-driven Flex-I-Liner pump from Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp.

This peristaltic type rotary pump is designed for use in remote areas where electricity is unavailable or when a spark may ignite the substance being pumped. Providing gentle pumping action, it operates wet or dry and can be supplied with rotary vane air motors.

The fluids or gases pumped by the air-operated Flex-I-Liner do not come in contact with any metallic surfaces which would greatly reduce a pump’s service life. Instead, volatile fluids and gases only come in contact with the pump’s thermoplastic body and its elastomeric liner. These inert materials and are not impacted by corrosive, abrasive and or other aggressive fluids handled by the pump.

Designed to eliminate shaft seals, stuffing boxes and other common sources of leakage, this Vanton pump can be supplied with reversible operation to allow for changing flow direction. Its motors develop up to 2000 rpm on 90 psi and control of the air motor drive allows for varying flow rates within +/-5 percent. No special tools are needed for maintenance.

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