Capital investment needs for wastewater and stormwater pollution control are expected to exceed $298 billion over the next 20 years — a $43 billion increase in investment needs over the needs identified in 2004. This according to the 2008 Clean Watershed Needs Survey (CWNS), released by the U.S. EPA's Office of Wastewater Management.

The agency conducts the survey every four years, as required by the Clean Water Act. The 2008 survey is the agency's 15th such survey on publicly owned treatment works needs.

Most in need of capital funding will be wastewater treatment and collection systems, which are expected to require $192 billion for upgrades. Combined Circle 247 on reader service card sewer overflow correction systems are next at $64 billion, and stormwater management will need $42 billion.

Additional needs were identified for nonpoint source pollution prevention ($23 billion) and decentralized or onsite wastewater systems ($24 billion).

Data collection for the 2012 survey will begin in early 2012 and will last for about nine months. The 2008 report can be viewed at