A new conceptual design for a desalination plant called "The Pipe" depicts a solar-powered plant that will save the city power and double as a work of public art as well as place where visitors can enjoy salt baths. The Pipe will conserve energy by a magnetic field to pull the 3% salt out of the water which is pushed through.

The design for The Pipe is a finalist for the Land Art Generator Initiative with engineers mocking up what the plant would look like off the Santa Monica coast:

The pipe would stretch about 600 meters, and would sit on top of an existing breakwater in the Santa Monica Bay. Inside, the plant would send drinking water back to the city—roughly 4.5 billion liters a year, or half of the city's needs—and use the salinated water in indoor swimming pools. As visitors float in the salt baths, they could listen to the waves and watch the surrounding ocean.

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