Since the World Trade Center attacks more than five years ago, infrastructure security has been an area of concern that has brought more questions than answers. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking to change that with a new online course.

The DHS Web-based session IS-860 introduces the office's National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) to state and municipal managers, as well as to DHS and other federal staff. The course defines critical infrastructure—such as water and wastewater systems—and key resources offered by federal officials. It explains how the NIPP encourages and fosters sharing among system managers, and provides descriptions of various DHS tools and plans for long-term infrastructure protection.

In addition, the DHS offers an 18-minute training video with an overview of the NIPPstructure and services. The video includes interviews with DHS officials and other NIPP security partners who explain how the plan lays the groundwork for improving infrastructure security and emergency response.

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