Sales of bottled water continue to soar, creating an ever-growing mountain of empty plastic containers for the solid waste industry to deal with. The American Water Works Association's “Tap Water Delivers” and other campaigns seek to combat the problem, with some success.

One manufacturer has introduced a product to help quench the public's thirst for convenient filtered and flavored water, while keeping the pile of bottles from growing. PUR Flavor Options filters tap water (either directly from the faucet, or inside a pitcher) and adds calorie-free flavor at the press of a button. The product costs far less per gallon than similar bottled products.

Yes, but how does the stuff taste? Our editors tried all three flavors—strawberry, raspberry, and peach—and results were generally favorable, although mixed. One avid water drinker reported that, after struggling to figure out the flavor-adding mechanism (a button near the handle needed to be pressed), she found the concoction tasty. Peach was the favorite flavor, and one person proclaimed the strawberry flavor “weird.”

Want to get your own fruity fluid from the faucet? The filters and pitcher are available at most mass retailers; visit to learn more.