Poly-Flo Piping System
Poly-Flo Piping System

Available in black advanced polyethylene and euro grey polypropylene, Poly-Flo is ideal for installations with space constraints and systems where thermal expansion and contraction are present. It is a complete system including full pressure fittings, drainage fittings and machined fittings in 1x1-1/2”, 2x3” and 4x6” and operates up to 150psi at 68oF.

The unitary construction of Poly-Flo helps prevent failures often seen in fabricated double wall systems. Design and installation considerations are minimized because Poly-Flo reacts like single wall systems. This is especially important in installations with fluctuating temperatures or applications like directional drilling where opposing forces act on the carrier and containment pipes.

Black advanced PE Poly-Flo is well-suited for outside, above ground applications because of its UV resistance, and it performs well in underground installations because of its resistance to crack propagation. Due to its high pressure rating, euro grey PP-R Poly-Flo is ideal for applications running at higher temperatures. Water treatment facilities and chemical applications benefit from Poly-Flo’s chemical resistance. The system’s low cost and easy installation also make it ideal for drainage systems, pressurized transfer lines, and industrial applications requiring up to a 4” carrier pipe.

The Poly-Flo double containment piping system is available with manual and low-point leak detection sensors. Joining the upgraded system only requires standard welding equipment; no special clamps or inserts are necessary. Asahi/America offers butt fusion welding equipment and weld training for all of its piping systems.

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