Software powered by Predix, specifically address pipeline health, storm and sewer management and water plant efficiency:

  • Pipeline Health—Working in partnership with American Water, GE has initiated a SaaS proof of concept focused on water distribution piping, which digitally maps total pipeline health and provides proactive risk identification. The software is designed to combine disparate data sets with pipeline risk algorithms to identify probable high consequence failures and hidden leaks in drinking water pipeline systems.
  • Storm and Sewer Solutions—Working in partnership with MWH Global (now part of Stantec), GE has released a new software solution focused on sewer and storm water overflows. The software will utilize level sensors and mapping to enable faster reactive maintenance and increased proactive maintenance to reduce overflow frequency and number.
  • Digital Water Plant—GE currently leverages its InSight Asset Performance Management solution to optimize water treatment plant assets and operations. Taking this one step further, GE’s new digital twin technology will have the potential to create a powerful digital replica of a customer’s plant that would enable them to run more efficiently and reliably while reducing costs and maintaining compliance.


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