MWH Constructors announced that they were awarded a $100 million construction contract to replace the Hilcrest Reservoir Tank and Pump Station located near I-25 and I-225 in Denver, Colorado.

This project, The Hillcrest Reservoir Tank and Pump Station Replacement Project, will be completed by September 2020 and Hillcrest will remain operational for the length of the project excluding scheduled shutdowns.

The project will involve removing the two existing basins, which are reinforced concrete storage basins (combined 30 million gallon capacity) and replacing them with three new circular pre-stressed tendon-type concrete basins (combined 45 million gallon capacity). It is aimed at providing efficient and reliable portable water delivery to the customers of Denver Water.

On the decision, Vice President and MWH Western District Director Roy Fazio said "We are committed to providing high-quality services for this significant project that will meet the needs of this growing area. Not only will this plant expansion provide potable water for the community for many years, it will also provide jobs for the local economy over the next 30-plus months.”