(KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 17, 2014) –Online voting has been extended to Friday, October 24 in the Tank of the Year contest sponsored by Tnemec Company, Inc., leading provider of high-performance coatings. The public can visit the polling website and cast a ballot for their favorite water tank. This format gives both small town and metropolitan tanks a chance to win and allows participants the opportunity to campaign for their hometown water tower.

Only one vote is allowed per person, but voters will be able to see the front-runners, at any time, when they revisit the site. Once the ballots have been closed, the twelve tanks with the highest number of votes will each be assigned a featured month in Tnemec’s 2015 water tank calendar.

From those top twelve tanks, the official winner of Tank of the Year will be selected by Tnemec and placed in the January page of the calendar. And this year, aside from the official Tank of the Year winner, the tank with the most overall votes will be announced as the “People’s Choice.”

The contest winner in 2013, which presides in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, was selected by Tnemec as the top tank from more than 200 candidates while the polling website tallied 10,627 total votes. The various nominees included water tanks of all styles from across the United States and Canada.

All votes for this year’s contest must be in by October 24. After this time has passed, Tnemec will notify the public of the twelve semi-finalists and choose the official Tank of the Year. The winner will be announced in early November on Tnemec.com and calendars will be made available by December.

You can cast your vote for Tank of the Year right here: www.tnemec.com/tankoftheyear.