Go paperless when permitting

With a user-friendly interface, ProjectDox allows local government agencies to manage, plan, review, and approve permit processes digitally. The software helps you reduce turnaround time and distribute work to multiple departments simultaneously. It can be integrated with existing permitting software systems, or used as a stand-alone solution. Avolve Software. www.avolvesoftware.com. Booth 668.

Pesticide-free steam weeder

The GS5000i kills the long rows of weeds emerging from sidewalks, parking lots, and other hard-paved surfaces. It achieves instant knockdown with no residues and no cleanup afterward. Operators simply pull the supply cart with one hand while shooting weeds with the steam gun in the other hand. GreenSteam Solutions Inc. www.greensteam.com.

Trench drain reduces road closures

HighwayDrain provides both a grate and trench body cast as a single unit. The single-piece design removes the risk of components vibrating loose, which is ideal for areas with fast-moving traffic. It is constructed with high-capacity inlet slots to quickly collect stormwater; the large tapered openings allow debris to fall through, preventing slots from becoming blocked. ACO Polymer Products Inc. www.acousa.com. Booth 359.

Environmentally friendly fabric buildings

ClearSpan Fabric Structures are large, pre-engineered fabric buildings designed for sand/salt storage, equipment storage, and other uses. Available in widths up to 300 ft. and in any length, the structures are spacious and require no artificial lighting during the day. ClearSpan Fabric Structures International Inc. www.clearspan.com. Booth 1210.

Increase motorist awareness

The VoiceStar system features a changeable-message sign and an AM Highway Advisory Radio station that can be set up in minutes to broadcast emergency and traffic advisories to motorists. The broadcast messaging system offers dependable service year-round, 24 hours a day. American Signal Co. www.amsig.com. Booth 945.

Fit an entire RWIS in a one-rack unit

The Model 5470 NTCIP Mini-RWIS Remote Processing Unit provides information about weather and roadway conditions, helping operations and maintenance personnel stay informed to make timely decisions and improve traffic safety. It is constructed for primary deployment within existing or new ATC cabinets and Dynamic Message Sign cabinets. It also supports several weather sensors. High Sierra Electronics Inc. www.highsierraelectronics.com. Booth 365.