Small pressure transmitters

These ultra-compact gauge and differential pressure transmitters are an economical alternative to network-process units when digital protocol is not required. The transmitters feature a NEMA 4X/ IP65 enclosure that measures just 2.56 in. diameter. The GV51 comes in ranges of 0–50 and 0–7500 psig; the GC52 transmitter offers D/P ranges up to 400 in. w/c. Ashcroft Inc.

Data/alarm system

The easy-to-use Spider data logging and alarm monitoring system works in water and sewer pump stations, CSOs, and stormwater monitoring. The stand-alone, single-box system can be placed anywhere, and it requires no special user software because it operates from a built-in Web server. ADS LLC.

Split-case pumps

The 3400 Series horizontal split-case pumps work in municipal high-flow, low-lift, raw-water, and wastewater applications. Double-suction impellers ensure hydraulic axial balance and low thrust bearing loads. Inline suction and discharge flanges in the lower half-casing simplify piping. Additionally, the upper casing half is removed easily for inspection and maintenance. The pumps come in a range of capacities with a choice of packing or various mechanical seals. Most casings are offered in both cast iron and stainless steel. Goulds Pumps, div. of ITT Corp.

Spiral-wound RO elements

MegaMagnum spiral-wound reverse-osmosis (RO) elements are geared toward large-scale municipal RO and nanofiltration. Each 18-in.-diameter, 61-in.-long element offers up to eight times the effective membrane area of a conventional 8340-in. element. Further, compared to racks with standard 8-in elements, racks of these RO elements take up half the floor space and use 1/5 the number of connections and O rings; the design reduces cost, footprint, and installation time. Koch Membrane Systems.

Flow-sensor tube

The highly accurate Enviromag 2300 magnetic flowmeter features a polyurethane liner and field-replaceable HC4 electrodes. The unit offers rapid response time with no obstructions, and works in process temperatures up to 1763 F and at pressures up to 580 psig. Krohne Inc.

Rugged flowmeter

The Multi-Mag L flowmeter includes advanced electromagnetic multipoint sensing, a programmable signal converter, and a noise-immune cable. It works across six measurement points for expanded flow range with higher turn-downs and repeatability of +/- 0.2% of the flow range. Also, the signal converter features an intuitive interface with large, easy-to-read digital screen. Other features include dual alarms with separate outputs, NEMA 6/IP67 converter enclosure, and separate termination and electronics compartments. McCrometer.

Corrosion-resistant coating

Hi-Chem 65D-PW is suitable for use in potable water tanks and other applications where resistance to chemicals and corrosion is required. The formulation is geared toward providing superior protection against a broad range of substances, including acids, solvents, hydroxides, salts, brine, and other harsh materials. Rhino Linings USA.

Remote valve operation

Flexi-Drive offers remote operation of valves in hard-to-reach locations via a cable-driven control. The device operates valves up to 200 ft. away, accommodating up to 540 degrees of bend in the cable run. The flexible cable works around and through walls, bulkheads, floors, and other obstacles. Smith Flow Control USA.

Pipe/cable locator

The rugged Dynatel 2220M pipe/cable locator operates on two trace frequencies (8 and 82 kHz) for underground locating applications. It also detects passive power and radio to help avoid damage, and remote transmitters (such as sondes and pipeline transmitters). 3M Track & Trace Solutions.

Ductile-iron check valves

Designed to prevent flow reversal, heavy-duty 80DI ductile-iron check valves feature in-line poppet-style design. The units work with submersible pumps or other applications in which the check valve needs to be installed in the well casing. Choose from three models: the groove-lock connection unit (80DICL), high-strength assembly with double-guided ductile-iron poppet (80DIX), and male-threaded inlet with female-threaded outlet (80MDI). Danfoss Flomatic Corp.