The calculation is based on typical municipality usage characteristics for the AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners: using 80 gallons of water per minute, six hours per day, 40 weeks per year.

The five-stage continual recycling process starts with an initial sediment separation followed by a floating V-Filtration screening process, further separating water from debris. The V-Filtration also has a back-flush self-cleaning capability. Centrifugal high speed action removes remaining solids, including tiny particles down to 100 microns.

Solids and fine particles are returned to the debris tank via a pressure-regulating valve system. Recouped water is immediately available to continue jetting. A segregated 240-gallon capacity clean water wash down feature is also a part of the system.

The AllClean recycling system is another component of the Vacall “Green That Works” package of advantages, including a standard AllSmartFlow CAN bus intelligent control system, conserving water and maximizing operating efficiency.

AllJetVac models use just one engine instead of two for chassis mobility and to generate vacuum and jetting power a concept that further saves on fuel consumption, routine service, harmful emissions and the purchase price of the unit.


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